Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpets are a very important aspect of your living and physical space. They trap dirt and make for easy room cleaning and also serve as an additional source of aesthetic appeal and visual attraction. They add a taste of beauty to your room and are a huge part of your living space and ensemble. However, there comes a huge problem when your carpet begins to smell or look noticeably dirty. This could be due to a long time of usage without any cleaning, water logging, wear and tear, etc.

We pride ourselves to be one of the best carpet cleaning service providers in the country, providing effective and lasting carpet cleaning and maintenance services to your doorstep, regardless of where your home or office is located in the country. We make use of only the best carpet cleaning techniques and methods, tools and equipment an highly trained and seasoned staff with years of valuable experience in making sure that we provide carpet cleaning services that are the very best and of the highest standard. We also cover a wide variety of cleaning services, from upholstery cleaning to the cleaning and maintenance of stone work.

As expected, our carpet cleaning services are highly cost effective and guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Our services are frequently redefined and our technicians are sure to be able to handle carpets of any style, size or fabric make up. We can guarantee that we will leave you nothing short of impressed and your carpet clean, germ-free and lacking none of its original beauty and aesthetic appeal. We will handle your carpet with utmost care and make sure that the cleaning method and any other cleaning materials added to it are ideal for it and as such, won’t cause any damage to it in any way. Choose today and get your carpet the luxury cleaning that it deserves. You definitely won’t regret partnering with us.


We clean carpets and rug with extreme care by maintaining its originality. Odours and stains will be removed with our efficient machines.Our service will help you sustain and prolong the cleanliness of your carpets. Clean rugs will be yours to enjoy after our rug cleaning services. We will ensure that you do not need to throw them away.


Carpet glue removal  You are pulling up the old, dirty carpet from your office. The task has been easy so far, but now you are left with carpet glue on the flooring. You want to remove the carpet glue without damaging the floor. No worries, All Time Carpet Services is here to help. we will remove the glue and bring back to its original state.


Marble Grinding and Polishing We use tools which are needed to repair and restore marble surfaces. We will do a examination of your marble surface so that we can recommend the best form of restoration, to remove any scratches, erosion, decay and other damage done to the marble. We also remove stains that are created on the marble surface, such as coffee, wine, coca-cola ,any other acidic stains , rust, and so on. Contact us for more information


We offer Office carpet cleaning services for offices at affordable rates. We make your carpets look as good as new. We will create a clean environment for your colleagues and employees. We also provide affordable contract cleaning.


Upholstery Cleaning, Our dedicated team will clean your sofas, armchairs and mattresses with the goal of a clean environment you need, in mind. Our effective cleaning processes maintains your upholstery for a longer period of time.


Patching & Painting  We provide households in Singapore with quality painting services at affordable costs. Whether your residence is a private estate or HDB, we provide quality painting services to all. Contact us for a no obligation viewing of your unit for painting or for more information.